I’m very excited to announce the launch of my new Lifestyle Mastery Coaching Platform. The MindFit Gym philosophies were sculpted through my thirty-five years of experience in competitive body building, entrepreneurial endeavors within the health and wellness industries, and from coaching individuals and teams. I have enjoyed seeing thousands of people reach entirely new levels of personal growth, optimal health and clarity of purpose.

Since we are embarking on a new year and everyone is coming off making their New Years resolutions, I want discuss the number one resolution people write down every year…Weight Loss!

What if you could ‘slay’ the weight loss dragon once and for all…never to repeat the same weight loss resolution again, experience a healthy body weight and have a quality of life well into your eighties and beyond?

This is what most people dream of, sadly, there is only a small percentage of the population that actually lives out this reality.

Diets flat out don’t work and fail 100% of the time, period!

If all these crazy fad diets and meal replacements worked so well why is obesity and diabetes at an all time high? How can it be that so many people go on a diet, lose 10-50lbs just to gain it all back again? And in many cases they end up gaining more than what they originally lost. What is it that causes people to sabotage themselves?

I pride myself in helping people who have lost hope; frustrated, overwhelmed and confused, tired of all those “yo-yo” and “me-too” diet/exercise programs that flat-out do NOT deliver long-term results. There is a lot of misleading information floating around on the web and in the media, as well as the non-qualified people giving advice by which they themselves do not live.

What you will learn from me is a culmination of thirty-five years of real life experience working with people from all walks of life. From the stay-at-home mom that just had a baby to elite athletes and everyone in between. You will understand that is not about losing “weight” is all about losing “body-fat” and gaining muscle.

What if you could achieve your healthy body weight and maintain it the rest of your life without dieting and starving yourself?

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During our time together we’ll discuss your lifestyle goals and design a customized plan that ensures you reach your full potential!