Cucchiara Enterprises, founded by Coach Chris, was established over three and a half decades ago with the sole purpose of inspiring individuals and organizations to reach their full potential by becoming the best they can BE!

A Message from Coach Chris

As a young child growing up it became very apparent I did not fit into the traditional system as I was always challenging status-quo. This is not an attack on the traditional system; I just realized it wasn’t for me. I have been a dedicated entrepreneur since I was 8 years-old and as I look back on my life and connect the dots, it’s clear that the journey I’ve traveled the past fifty seven years has prepared me for those I serve today.

For over thirty-five years I’ve been coaching individuals and companies in the areas of business and human development, leadership; and lifestyle management. Through my mindfit coaching philosophy I’ve enjoyed seeing thousands of people reach entirely new levels of personal and financial breakthrough, optimal health and well-being, and clarity of purpose!

My coaching philosophies were sculpted through my “real life” experiences as an eight year national title holder in competitive body building and as a successful serial entrepreneur in the health, fitness and wellness industries for more than thirty-five years, and from my eighteen years of success in the direct selling industry. I incorporate a multidisciplinary strategy with those I serve. Developing a balance in mind, body, and spirit is the very essence of living a fully integrated and purposeful life.


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