Social Entrepreneur

Coach Chris is confident his 30 plus years as a businessman and entrepreneur have prepared him to leverage his gifts, talents and passion to not only help the thousands lives he personally impacts but the millions of lives he and others can impact through his partner company.

As of today, his partner company has provided over 350 million nutritious meals for starving kids around the world. Their vision is to provide 1 billion meals which will make them the biggest donor in the world and could effectively eradicate world hunger. Coach Chris decided to partner with this company because 100% of all donations go to feed the children. All the overhead cost is covered by his partner company. This is unheard of!

Most feeding programs use inexpensive food sources made with genetically modified ingredients, therefore causing more these starving children to experience additional health challenges.

With Coach Chris’ commitment to bringing good health to the world, he specifically chose this company because they are one of the only companies in the world that actually provide a nutritious meal that not only nourishes the body of these starving children, it also nourishes the brain so they become healthy functioning adults! You’ll be hard pressed to find this in many of the other feeding programs out there.

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